We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will help answer any questions you may have.

Cyclone products can be purchased from PGG Wrightson stores nationwide.

NZ Wire products can be purchased from RD1/FarmSource stores nationwide.

Eclipse Wire Products can be purchased from PlaceMakers

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See our Useful Information which will give you an approximate count of staples in different sizes and packaged sizes available.


Yes, please contact us for the full range available.

Diameter (mm) Length (m) 25kg Coil Minimum break load (kg force) Recommended Tension (kg force)
1.60 1584 220 80
2.00 1013 395 110
2.50 650 620 150
3.15 408 835 220
4.00 253 1405 300

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No, we no longer do gates, however these can be acquired through Tru-Test

2 life and 4 life wires are manufactured using a zinc and alloy coating which has been proven to deliver markedly greater protection than can be achieved by wires with a zinc/galvanised alternative.

Hispan 2 life Wire has a 130 gram Zinc/Alloy coating which delivers twice the life of galvanised coated wire. It is suitable for inland mild corrosive environments where there is a light marine, thermal or copper/sulphur influence.

Hispan 4 life, which has a heavier 260 gram Zinc/Alloy coat-weight, provides 4 times the life of galvanised coated wire. Manufactured for marine coastal and other high corrosion areas, it is especially suitable for thermal/industrial areas as well the horticulture /viticulture industries where copper/sulphur rich sprays are used.

Both of these wires are 100% manufactured in New Zealand, contain vanadium for better workability and comply with NZ fencing standards.

See our Brands for more detail on our different brands.

Diameter (mm) Gauge Metres per kg Metres per 25kg
1.60 16 63.3593 1584
2.00 14 40.5482 1013
2.50 12 25.9511 648
3.15 10 16.3463 408
4.00 8 10.1373 253

We do not have any preferred installers but for a list of FCANZ accredited contractors in your region check out our Installers page.

No, we do not sell to the public however you can purchase our rural products at PGG Wrightson and FarmSource stores, Hardware products at PlaceMakers and industrial products from our sister company Fletcher Easysteel.


Wiremark is Pacific Steels New Zealand made guarantee. All Cyclone Rural products carry the Wiremark Guarantee.

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We stock Tightlock, Twinlock and Twistlock Fabricated fence.

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Twistlock KnotTwistlock is Cyclones X Fence Brand.

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Fabricated Fence (Tightlock/Twinlock/Twistlock) Order codes

Each fence specification has an order code consisting of a number series of which the first number indicates the number of line wires in the fence. The 2nd number indicates the height whilst the 3rd number refers to stay wire spacing. Spacing specifications are nominal.

E.g 8/900/300 = 8 line wires, 900mm height, 300mm stay wire spacings.
8/36"/12" = 8 line wires, 36" height, 12" stay wire spacings.

To differentiate between Tightlock, Twinlock and Twistlock the numbers are prefixed by the following letters.
A = Tightlock
B = Twinlock
C = Twistlock

The following letters shown after the numbers of the order codes indicate the types of line wire used in the various specifications.
HT = High Tensile
LT = Low Tensile (Soft)