4 Life

Four times the life of standard Heavy Galvanized Wire

Hispan 4 life, which has a heavier 260 gram Zinc/Aluminum coat-weight, provides 4 times the life of galvanised wire. Manufactured for marine coastal and other high corrosion areas, it is especially suitable for thermal/industrial areas as well the horticulture /viticulture industries where copper/sulphur rich sprays are used.

Wire that lasts longer - costs less

Smarter farming is all about thinking ahead and getting the best performance from your soil, stock and farm resources. And as most successful rural practitioners will tell you, short term gains will usually come at a cost further down the track.

That's why farmers with an eye on the future have moved to using the Hispan 2 life and 4 life wire range from Cyclone.

Because in simple terms - it lasts longer and costs less.

The superior longer life characteristics of this range come from a zinc and aluminum coating that delivers markedly greater protection than can be achieved with zinc/galvanised.

Making it last 2 to 4 times longer than its galvanised predecessor.

To best understand how the technology works lets first compare it to galvanised wire which has a 100% zinc coating on the steel wire which protects the steel wire in two ways. Firstly it provides a protective barrier over the steel because it corrodes much more slowly than the bare steel. It does corrode though, eventually forming white oxide on the surface.

Secondly, but most importantly, zinc also provides protection even if the coating is damaged. As you know unprotected steel will form red oxide shortly after contact with water or moist air. With a zinc coating, when a scrape or cut in the wire exposes the steel, the zinc surrounding that bare steel will protect that damaged area. The zinc corrodes in place of the nearby bare steel. This is because zinc is more reactive than steel, so the elements that cause corrosion attack the zinc first.

Zinc aluminum alloy technology used for 2 and 4 Life Wire, gives users the best of both worlds. Aluminum that quickly forms a protective oxide to slow corrosion, and zinc that protects the bare steel if it gets damaged. Blended together they give you a coating that offers outstanding long term resistance to corrosion out in New Zealand's extreme condition.