Wire - High Tensile

Wire - High Tensile

Stronger and more cost efficient than soft wires, high tensile is the wire of choice.

All high tensile Hispan life products contain Vanadium for improved malleability and feature 2 life or 4 life zinc/alloy coating for superior durability in corrosive environments. 

High tensile wire is often combined with fabricated fence to prevent downward pressure by stock on the fabricated fence. 

Cyclone High Tensile 1000m Vineyard coils also available. Contact us for more information.
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Manufactured and tested to New Zealand Fencing Standard NZS3471:1974 and Coating Standard AS/NZS 4534/W05Z5A. Carries the Wiremark Guarantee. New Zealand made.

Diameter (mm)  Application 
1.60/2.00 Electric fencing
Support wires in orchard and viticulture irrigation systems
2.50 Conventional electric fencing
  Brace wires in end assemblies, tiebacks
  Orchard and viticulture applications as training wires and support wires
3.15/4.00 Artificial shelter
  Canopy support
  Conventional fencing
Diameter (mm) Wire Gauge Length (m) 25kg Coil Minimum break load (kg force) Recommended Tension (kg force)
1.60 16g 1584 220 80
2.00 14g 1013 395 110
2.50 12g 650 620 150
3.15 10g 408 835 220
4.00 8g 253 1405 300