Eclipse Wire Products

Reliable, economical wire products

The Eclipse Wire brand has been in New Zealand for over 90 years providing reliable, cost effective fencing products.

Formed in 1925 by the Black family of Palmerston North, just a few short years before the economic chaos of New Zealand's great depression, the Eclipse Wire brand has also weathered the storms of every economic upheaval to hit New Zealand since that time - including the 2nd World War, wire shortages of the '50's, Britain's entry to the European Common Market, and the removal of farm subsidies in the 1980's.

Throughout this long period - and against all odds, Eclipse Wire Products prospered, and through its versatility, product quality and determination, became the central North Island's leading supplier of fencing and associated products.

Early indicators of the vision and innovation for which Eclipse is now synonymous were the introduction of the country's first fabricated fencing machine in 1936. At the same time, the most modern barbed wire manufacturing technology of the day was also installed, and led to the company to becoming a major supplier of barbed wire during the 2nd World War.

The company's versatility can also be seen in its extensive rural range, which in addition to barbed, plain wires and chain link netting, grew to include gates, docking pens, nails, strainers and staples. For many years Eclipse was also a major supplier of precision quarry screens, groins for flood control - as well as a domestic range of pagodas, swings and other garden products.

The fact that many of these fences are still standing will come as no surprise to people familiar with the Eclipse range. Which, after Cyclone, is now New Zealand's 2nd oldest fencing brand.

Today Eclipse is New Zealand's 2nd oldest fencing brand and its legend for uncompromising performance continues - with the addition of advanced wire technology which includes the very latest generation of longlife wires. Featuring aluminium and zinc alloy coatings these longlife products are a fitting testimony to the longevity and versatility that have been the hallmark of the Eclipse Wire brand since its inception.