Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing


Visually effective Cyclone Pool & Play fence is galvanised and also has the added safety benefit of see-through visibility to observe play activity. Cyclone Pool & Play fence complies with the fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 and with the NZ Plunket Society's recommendations.

The Law and your responsibility

The Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 requires owners to fence the pool and its immediate area according to the specifications in the law. Your local authority administers this law.

  • You are required by this law to register your pool with your local authority.
  • It is your responsibility, as a pool owner, to comply with the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987.
  • New pools must not be filled until approval has been granted by your local authority.
  • For interpretation queries on the law please contact your local authority.


Triangle Folded Pool Panel (Top & Bottom)

Available in galvanised or powder coated finish. Complies to The Fencing of Swimming Pools Act.

Cyclone Pool Fencing panels, posts and all fittings are manufactured using high quality materials and finished with a hot dip galvanised coating to provide users with excellent prolonged life characteristics.

Fittings: Nuts, clips and bolts supplied with panels and posts.

Size Range Available:

Description Height (mm) Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Panels 1250 2400/1800  
Posts - no base 2000   50mm square
Posts - with base 1380   50mm square

Gate Pack to suit.

Vertical Wire Spacing (mm) Wire Diameter - Horizontal (mm) Wire Diameter - Vertical (mm)
75 6.3 6.3