Tightlock Netting

Tightlock Netting

Cyclone made the world's first deer fence in 1967, designed for maximum durability.

A Kiwi trusted, high quality fence Cyclone's Tightlock fence consists of line, stay and knot wires. Line wires are continuous in length and made from high tensile wire. The stay wires (vertical) are made from medium tensile wire and continuous in length. They combine with the knots and tension curves to create overall rigidity and elasticity. The knots are made from low tensile wire and can hold between 60-90kg per knot. The load of any impact will spread and dissipate over the full fence height and for some distance on either side.

Independent knots Increase structural strength of the fence
Allow wire to follow contours
Fabricated Faster to erect
Less posts required
Lower total fence cost than wire and batten
Tension curves Easy to strain
Allows for impact to dissipate over the fence and return to original condition
FAWN Used in deer fawning paddocks due to the tighter 240 mm stay wire combined with the 89 mm line wire prevents new born fawns from slipping through the fence.
DEER 1900 mm is the standard height. 1550 mm is used with a top wire to make up the 1900 mm height. A 150 mm stay wire is often used for additional security on boundary fence and raceways compared to a 300 mm stay for internal fence and sometimes used for boundary as an economical alternative. Used for deer and ostriches.
TOP UP Designed to make the extra height on top of a standard fence rather than replacing the entire fence. Used for deer and ostriches.
FIELD Regional differences dicatate the different line wires and total heights. Combinations with barbed wires or electric wires complete the barrier for stock. Used in high stock pressure applications for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.


Line Wire Spacings



DEER A11 / 1550 11 1550 150 / 300 100
  A13 / 1900 13 1900 150 / 300 100
  A16 / 1900 16 1900 240 100
FIELD  A7 / 900 7 900 150 / 300 50 / 100
  A8 / 800 8 800 300 100
  A8 / 900 8 900 150 / 300 50 / 100
 TOP UP A5 / 600 5 600 300 200
  A5 / 900 5 900 300 200