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Cyclone has played a unique role in the development and success of rural New Zealand.

Established in Christchurch in 1903, by James Ower, Cyclone is New Zealand's icon farm fencing industry brand. As well a being the country's oldest fencing company Cyclone has also developed an outstanding international reputation for uncompromising quality.

This reputation was greatly enhanced by by the company's development work with Tightlock Deer fencing. Although Cyclone had been manufacturing Tightlock since 1925 the development of Tightlock Deer Fence in the late 1960’s saw this product become the number one choice for New Zealand deer farming pioneers.

As deer farming gained momentum around the world so did Cyclone 's reputation for producing this premier deer fence. To satisfy the growing international demand generated by this product Cyclone NZ manufactured and exported Tightlock machines directly to both the USA and UK for the supply of Northern hemisphere, markets.

Cyclone acquired the Eclipse brand in the 1980’s and a few years later joined NZ Wire Industries (now Pacific Wire) to become New Zealand’s largest supplier of wire and netting. Through its long association with fencing contractors, and events such as the Golden Pliers, Cyclone has also been a major force in developing and raising fencing skills and quality standards.

In addition to farm fencing products Cyclone is also a major manufacturer and supplier of chainlink, panel fence, netting and barb wire products to the security, pool fence and residential markets. Cyclone is a division of Fletcher Easy Steel providing a comprehensive range of steel, pipe, fittings and fencing product to the security and building industries.

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